In collaboration with Network for New Music VOICE OF THIS GENERATION: THE VOICE ELECTRIC

Kanye West claims to be the "Voice of this Generation."

We beg to differ. While older classical music institutions are going bust, young Philadelphia composers are re-inventing the concert experience.

Come casual. Expect edge.
This ain't yo momma's lieder.
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Next Concert

The Voice Electric
Friday, Oct 12, 2012, at 7:30PM
Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
3680 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Network for New Music collaborates with Voice of this Generation to mix acoustic instruments, electronics, voices, and original poetry into a contemporary and vibrant night of new music and words by composers and poets with lively energy and Philadelphia roots.


Past Concerts

Here are some of the
works we have program-
med, and some of our
amazing performers:

Tony Solitro's
War Wedding is a
love story told
through the vivid
poetry of Alun
Lewis. Sensuous
images of their
first night as hus-
band and wife are
set against the
backdrop of a
bloody, savage war.


Based on a true story. In a Manhattan
hotel room, a white dove appeared
to the aging Serbian-American
scientist Nikola Tesla for the last time.
She was the love of his life,
his only friend, the Ariel to his Prospero,
and she was about to die.

The Divine Madness of Vaslav Nijinsky

From an insane asylum in Switzerland, the choreo-
grapher Vaslav Nijinsky wrote his memoirs, some-
times raving, sometimes rhapsodic. In them we see
his release from the earthly world and
the love of his wife into transcendent
madness, divine love, and self-
identifaction with God.

"Je suis
car je suis

by Ke-Chia Chen

Wind is used as a meta-
phor for change in these
three song settings,

Now Close The Window,
Storm Fear,
and To The Thawing Wind,

taken from Robert Frost’s
very first published collection
of poems, A Boy’s Will.

Voice of this Generation is proud to present
the world premiere of Three Frost Songs,
performed by Justin Vickers.

by Michael Djupstrom

I. I would live in your love
II. Absence
III. Spring Rain

These songs form a loose narrative
describing various stages of a love af-
fair. "I would live..." depicts the powerful
ful rush of emotion that accompanies
the beginnings of a romance; "Absence"
speaks of a great separation between
lovers; and in "Spring Rain," the
narrator looks back upon life
with the wisdom of experience.

Andrew McPherson's
A Lullaby
sets text by
poet Matt

Images of a frozen,
lifeless cosmos turn tender
and personal at the end.

Julia Alford-Fowler's
(text by: Emily Dickinson)

Born on a sweaty day in
Brevard, NC during the
summer of 2009, this short
song constructed on Dick-
inson's text and composed
for mezzo-soprano and
cello is a lazy, bittersweet
ode to mint juleps, jumping
off the tire swing into the
swimming hole and ladies
with extra large hats.

Soprano Jessica Lennick "is a complete
package,including a terrific
smile and stage presence
to go along with her
pleasing voice," accord-
ing to The Baltimore
Examiner. She special-
izes in singing very
quickly and in a very high
pitch, often while being
either strange, evil, or
something of a man-eater.

Mezzo-soprano Cynthia Cook, a recent
graduate from AVA, has been mak-
ing waves in the opera world with
her gorgeous voice and stunning
stage presence. In addition to stand-
ard repertoire, like Zerlina in Don
, Dorabella in Così fan
, and Meg Page in Falstaff,
Ms. Cook is also a champion
of contemporary music,
such as Mistress Fields
in Margaret Garwood’s
The Scarlet Letter, Berio’s
Folk Songs and Susan
Botti’s Scenes from Sylvia.

Acclaimed for "awe-inspiring" music making "as
passionate as it is expert," pianist and conductor
Tim Ribchester is a familiar face on the Philly
opera circuit, moonlights in New York as a tango
specialist, and co-directs Philadelphia Orchestra
movie simulcasts. He can also be found cooking,
drinking wine, learning new languages, and
throwing impromptu music soirées in other
people's apartments in Europe.

The American
lyric tenor
Justin Vickers
has been lauded
for his "beautiful,
crystalline tone"
and "a marriage
of both supple
voice and striking
good looks."